Distribution Centre Equipment Installation, John Lewis Blakelands, Milton Keynes

John Lewis
John Lewis Blakelands, Milton Keynes
6 weeks

Electrical design and build project to undertake the installation of a new state of the art package machine, conveyor belt and wrapping benches. The installation included the supply of both 230/400v & cat 6 data outlets to feed all new services within the John Lewis Blakelands warehouse. Installation also included new electrical switch gear, 200amp TP-N distribution board, a combination of metal containment suspended from high level ceilings and low level containment mounted within the conveyor belt system, cat 6 data outlets and plug in play work benches. CCTV outlets were also installed at high level to assist with maintaining the safe system within the working environment.


Small power, data, security installation, CCTV, mechanical wiring, metal containment, main switchgear and metering, sub main cabling and distribution equipment.


Installation of air compressor which was connected to the new state of the art package machine.